Alpha Natural Resources

Recent bankruptcy filings reveal that coal companies are still funding climate science denier groups.
These investments are not a good deal for fossil fuel interests -- the same fossil fuel interests that have funded groups like Heartland Institute and John Locke and then pay Paul Chesser to make baseless attacks on renewable energy.
Fang's piece disclosed a June 2015 email signed by Alpha's CEO, Kevin Crutchfield, along with the CEOs of other coal companies, suggesting, at least, that the companies were all paying Horner, and for work aimed at engaging with the public.
Advocates of "market-based" climate solutions paint pastel pictures reflecting smoothly adjusting macro-economic models. But commodity markets for oil and gas don't work that way. Schumpeter's destructive engine of capitalism is about to show its ugly side.
As we fight to protect our communities and the climate, we all need to remember that, when we use unconventional tactics, ordinary people can win against giants.
The year's worst performer on the S&P's major stock index, down 74.75 points for the year as of December 29, was First Solar
Featuring citizen activists fighting for clean air and water against entrenched interests and corporate dollars, the documentary combines backstory, statistics, and human interest to explain more fully the narrative of where our electricity comes from.
"I honestly believe that half a million dollars will complete this project as we have it drawn," Combs said. "Without even
The UMWA has filed legal briefs and contacted the National Register of Historic Places to support the protection of Blair