For the last 30 years, I’ve been running – everywhere. I’ve run up and down Syracuse University campus, through muggy Michigan
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While touring the newly renovated and wonderful Museo del Duomo in Florence, we stayed until the very last minute. The museum
Every guide dreams of having his or her group enjoy the happy moment when the farmers bring their cows down from the high
The Swiss, who are both great engineers and great lovers of nature, know how to make Alpine thrills accessible to almost
The Swiss love to cap their peaks with restaurants. One of the most popular is the Schilthorn's Piz Gloria, a revolving restaurant
This clip is the first of a five-day series of fun I had with my Rick Steves' Best of Europe Tour group high in the Swiss
My favorite kind of group shot is a group selfie. Twenty happy travelers can pack a lot of joy into one frame -- especially
I have to admit, it was great to get back into the guide's seat. There's nothing like having a mic and a busload of eager
I'm wrapping up the My Way Alpine Europe tour I've been leading. This tour includes ample free time to hike your heart out