White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino posted a fake video appearing to show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden falling asleep in an interview. The original footage comes from an interview with singer Harry Belafonte.
"We fight and go forward," the 58-year-old "Mary Poppins" Broadway star said of her Lou Gehrig's disease diagnosis.
Ady Barkan, a health care activist dying of ALS, testified before the House Rules Committee in support of "Medicare for All."
In just 16 months, I lost my mom to an unspeakably savage disease with no cure.
Actress Gal Gadot is being criticized as ableist by people with disabilities and their advocates for her comments suggesting Stephen Hawking was limited by his wheelchair and motor neurone disease.
The way our media portrays disability is fraught with ableism, if disability is depicted at all.
Whether he’s protesting bad legislation or the Fed’s monetary policy, Ady Barkan boils the issue down to its moral essentials.
Jay knows we are all Frosty, a version of him. And he also knows that many people, even while the sun has not yet begun to
You see Frosty is more than just a balled-up mound of dirt and snow, he's a guy with a real existential problem on his hands
Learn more about Yoga Day for ALS! Paul quickly found the clog, and fixed it with a paper clip and water. The problem occurred
My kids are acutely aware that everyone dies, it's something most adults don't even think about until they are forced into
When I was diagnosed with ALS, I was given two years to live. Two and a half years later here I am typing this article using my eyes, while being fed through a tube in my stomach and wearing a breathing mask to give my diaphragm a break. I am one of the lucky ones, and I'm thankful for that.
I've been funny my entire life. A trait that I don't need to figure out came directly from my mom. I'm still
The AFTD is one of our closest allies in the fight against neurodegenerative disease, and our oldest partner. After more
When Parker publicly announced his illness in 2013, it sent ripples of sadness to the whiskey community. Many distillers, writers and fans have since raised money and awareness in honor of Parker, who is so revered and loved that we often cannot hold back the tears when discussing his plight.
Before last Christmas, I would look around any room full of people and notice one thing they all had in common. And I mean
7 - ALS can be an unruly, isolating disease. I could easily see not wanting to ever leave the house for every reason from
I will not let ALS stop my mother from making a difference in people’s lives.
Today, Swanson is my companion who looks to me for direction and who gets excited when she completes tasks. She infuses my heart with gratitude and her energy is contagious.
Traveling with a paralyzing, terminal illness is not for the faint of heart. Here are 10 things you should know if you want to defy (or just completely ignore) the limitations of your disability.