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According to Hoffman-Kipp, this auction not only serves as a great cause but also as a chance to truly unite ALS heroes to
Last year's Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $100 million in donations for the ALS association in less than a month--and, along with them, serious questions about the role of viral video in charity.
Why, exactly, did the famous #ALSIceBucketChallenge raise over $100 million within a couple of months? And what spurred people to support the challenge by creating more than 17 million videos that were viewed more than 10 billion times on Facebook alone?
Although designated an "orphan disease" because it affects less than 200,000 Americans, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) saw millions of benefactors stand tall last year to douse themselves with ice water in support of a cure. The numbers were staggering.
Will there ever be another wildly successful challenge like the Ice Bucket Challenge last summer? I'm sure of it. Somewhere out there is the next great challenge fundraiser that will raise more than $200 million.
All diseases are bad, but I've seen ALS up close and personal for nine years and it is horrific. My partner and husband Randy died in 2014 and he was only 41. He was young and vital and this disease slowly took over and killed him in the cruelest way imaginable. We need to find a cure now.
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And as much as the cynics of the cynics of slacktivism might disagree, your vocality is continuing to draw awareness to whatever cause you are talking about. And that is key: change can only come when people care.
May is ALS awareness month, but it will be tough to match the level of awareness created by last year's ice bucket challenge. What's being done with the money raised and how does the movement maintain momentum?
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I realize not every organization has $500,000 just lying around to invest in growing their revenue base but you're missing the point. We've built a charitable system that isn't encouraging organizations to think like that.
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Luckily, things like "Gangnam Style" and Miley Cyrus's tongue were overshadowed by some of the remarkable and bizarre things that swept in and made 2014 the year that it turned out to be.
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