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When we think about what makes a successful viral campaign, there are several "must haves" in order for the campaign to be a success.
Carey also tweeted on Sunday that he plans to start an online fundraising campaign. Updated on Sept. 9, 2014; 2:44 p.m. EST
Celebrity ice bucket challenge videos have filled news feeds across America for weeks. Fortunately, at least a few of those
Erik Pelton, a trademark attorney, wrote on his company's blog last Wednesday that the association faced an uphill battle
While I certainly do not begrudge the funds raised for ALS research -- money is, after all, the only way to develop life-saving treatments through expensive research and trials -- it does raise some questions about awareness campaigns in the digital age. Why do some causes get so much attention and not others?
Meanwhile, we've seen challenges both stylish (go Anna Wintour! And what's with that onesie Ninja Turtle getup, Liam Hemsworth?) and resourceful (no one can go bucket-less like Robert Pattinson).
Winter just came! Recently, "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and repeated
Christy Turlington Watch these supermodels (and more!) get super wet in the videos below and visit to find out how
While many celebrities are proudly taking part in the ALS ice bucket challenge to raise awareness, a few are choosing not to.
If you would like to donate and help spread awareness about ALS, head over to Despite tremendous Hollywood