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ALS is a very expensive disease, costing patients an estimated $300,000 a year. The average life expectancy for someone with ALS is 18 months. We wouldn't leave a soldier with a battle wound sitting around waiting to see a doctor for 16 months. So why are we now?
By saying it's not a breakthrough, I'm not saying it's not important and potentially useful. I'm only objecting to the word "breakthrough," which has specific implications to the general public.
Remember this time last year when everyone’s congresswoman, favorite singer and probably a distant cousin or 10 was dumping
Time, money, and energy are finite resources that each of us must budget. Sometimes it's difficult not to judge or criticize people whose passion seems to be directed toward causes that are inconsistent with our own priorities.
My dad who died of ALS would be frustrated, as I am, that the Ice Bucket Challenge gives the political adversaries of scientific research a pretext to disguise their views and pretend they haven't made it harder to find a cure, for any disease at all.
Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney completed the ice bucket challenge on
Again, none of these members endorsed every specific outcome of sequestration (though Republicans were more likely to praise
The decision to make the video wasn't random. As you've probably seen by now, the #IceBucketChallenge is actually a way to
ALS is a harsh reality for everyone it touches. But the battle against ALS is one worth fighting and my hope is that through Prize4Life, I can make an impact and enable others to make one too.