Alternative education

I also received an offer to teach at a small school in a Presbyterian church that worked with Special-Ed elementary students
Reasons vary for choosing alternative learning over traditional education. Some families might desire a more family-oriented lifestyle while others might select this method due to religious beliefs, bullying, or simply passion for more enhanced learning.
Recently I spoke with a man who is a highly successful business consultant. He is very accomplished: he has a PhD, has written four books with another in the works, has been involved in various capacities in many professional organizations, has started and sold businesses and is on the board of several more.
North Star is led by a set guiding principles, with a handful of ideas that should ring true for GenDIY: At North Star, an
Sadly, it seems war is often being waged within the institution of education, families squarely in the crossfire. Even if it appears free, there's usually a price to pay. For some it might be difficult to believe there are allies in the offense or freedom seekers entrenched.
Credit: HowStuffWorks By: Joe Oliveto We're more connected than ever. Staying up-to-date on current events involves keeping
Continuing the Path There have been clear changes in Nick since the launch of his experiment. Whether it's working on developing
Empowered Over My Own Pathway Eleanore "Ellie" Northrop graduated from Career Path High with High Honors receiving a Advanced
We live in Cambridge, NY and the boys' school was a tiny, K-12 rural school of about 800 students. They couldn't sit still
Everyone had responsibilities on the boat. Real jobs, not token ones. If someone didn't do his part, the safety of the crew and vessel were at stake. The boys learned skills, thoroughness, and gained responsibility.