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Alexei Navalny remained hospitalized in Germany after being poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent, a lab determined. The Kremlin has denied involvement.
The staggering rise of green politics is in direct opposition to the far-right populism of Alternative for Germany.
When establishment parties shift to the right, it can backfire in a big way.
The Christian Social Union acquired only about 36 percent of the vote, losing its absolute majority.
AfD is facing backlash after promising "Islam-free schools."
Here’s what happens when the radical right starts vying for power.
The nationalist Alternative for Germany party warns against "Islamization."
As Chancellor Angela Merkel looks to form a government, the anti-Islam AfD stands to gain.
Efforts to form a coalition have failed.
With the election of President Donald Trump, some political observers anointed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as leader