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Frontman Danny Blu said "Disappear" is a tribute to his boyfriend.
The Los Angeles music scene is bubbling with fresh artists whose brains are overflowing with new sounds for thirsty ears. Hailing from Silverlake, indie rock/pop group Paper Pilots.
Nope. We came in third. Stupid, lousy third. The second place contestant was a cheesy magician who made a rather tasteless
Ever the political representative, Chaker had to prod this one further, asking Felix how he was personally affected by the
Brett Gleason by Thomas Evans Is a person like this even possible today? It's not just social media demanding constant updates
Of Monsters and Men played at the Greek Theater Thursday night near the start of their 2015 international tour promoting their new album Under the Skin to an electrified crowd that packed the stadium as they delivered an elegant and pulse pounding show.
Corporate Takedowns. The Illuminati. Super-villain cops caught on cell phone cameras. All current cultural heavyweights that are animated into band Tribe Society's music video for their single 'Kings' off their new EP, Lucid Dreams.
In March 2014, five musicians got together on Long Island, New York and decided to form a band. Christening the band "Sir Cadian Rhythm," a play on the circadian rhythms of the human body, the name presages the band's goal of instilling musical rhythm into the hearts and souls of their listeners.
The son of a commercial salmon fisherman, Pierszalowski spent the summers of his childhood in Alaska, even joining his father
As Cooper pointed out, last year Corgan had a cameo in a WWE-themed commercial for a Chicago furniture store, and he's been
Reminiscent of Violent Femmes and Social Distortion, with a little Johnny Cash thrown in for good measure, Take Out The Trash is an eargasm of blues, folk and punk, with soul-wrenching lyrics that remind us of the days when the meaning behind the music actually mattered.
I started this series to shine a light on some stellar records from the '90s that may have been overlooked. Now that a few decades have passed, we can get some perspective and see how they've held up over the years.
Last week I put up one of my silly tongue-in-cheek HuffPost offerings: I Am the Coolest, Hippest Uncle in the Whole World. It's gone ever-so-slightly viral thanks to Hozier retweeting my tweet -- and tossing up one of his own.
Making an album by your self inherently takes longer but what is lost in tedium is saved in translation.
If you missed the Furs the first time around, go figure out why their seven studio albums still sound as fresh as they did the day they came out. John Ashton is that rare breed of guitar player whom you can identify in a single chord.
The Australian indie rock quartet, Monks of Mellonwah, is back on the music scene with the second part of their new full length CD Turn the People.
For most of us, Beijing connotes the capital of China. And some of us may even know that the word Beijing literally means Northern Capital; it's counterpart Nanjing meaning Southern Capital.
In every song, this band displayed a joy in the music, as if they're still just four men playing for kicks in the pub back home and not a band on the rise packing out venues.
Ryan Peters grew up in Wells, Maine loving the Boston Celtics and bumping to Alternative Rock and Rap.
"ha! Courtesy works both ways doesn't it? We love our fans!!" said Ra Ra Riot in a reply. At a headlining show on Sunday