Althea Gibson

Gibson was the first African-American to win the Grand Slam title.
Kneeling is a sign of love.
In the early part of 2015, Schiot came across a photo of Koger sporting an Afro and added it to her social media collection
Williams, her sister, Venus, and several touring professional tennis players of color are standing on the shoulders of giants. Many of those giants call HBCUs and MSIs their home. Here's a list of some of those that have and continue to impact the world of tennis.  
In this case the anticipation of the outcome in Cleveland alone was enough to support a massive fan interest. At the center
Serena Williams just won her 20th Grand Slam tennis tournament. This amazing performance has her following in the footsteps of some tennis women greats who came before her. Match the woman with her accomplishment.
The race organizer tried to physically throw her out of the race, but she successfully completed the marathon.
Now is the first time that a woman has been named a coach in the National Basketball Association. This column addresses some significant women's accomplishments in sports that involve a ball: tennis, soccer, football, basketball and golf.
Jimmy Donahue with his 'friend' HRH the Duchess of Windsor Cole Porter, Monty Wooley, and Clifton Webb Jimmy Daniels who