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Twitter has sparked a noodle debate that even Alton Brown has weighed in on. Here’s the verdict.
He literally burns the need for a multi-edge baking pan.
From Alton Brown to Sunny Anderson, their backgrounds prove that with enough hard work, you can make it to the top.
Why not deliver that blow with a saber? As we all know, the carbon dioxide inside a bottle of bubbly exerts a lot of pressure
A look at some of the best DIY tips and tricks from Alton Brown's "Good Eats."
As Brown and I concluded our brief but voluptuous interview on his career, touring life on the road, and philosophy toward food, I broached the topics (you know I HAD to) of food, weight, and how he keeps it all in balance.
"She was a star that was already fading," Salkin said. From Scratch: Inside The Food Network is now available. Enter phase
"We've done a lot of things on this show that, well, they're not exactly practical," Jamie says. "And this is one of those
The Next Iron Chef: Redemption has got me hooked! The premise is simple. Bring the best of the best back to the kitchen in an effort to create a competition like no other. Ego, suspense, redemption and a second chance...