Alton Sterling

People have ideas about who they want leisha Evans to be. “And when they get a glimpse of who I actually am, they don’t like it.”
According to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House doesn’t consider police brutality a national issue, despite the shooting of Stephon Clark and absence of charges against both Alton Sterling and Eric Garner.
The announcement that no charges will be filed against the officers in the 2016 death of Alton Sterling is one in a long line of cops walking free after the shooting deaths of black people.
The Louisiana attorney general isn't charging the police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling.
The Baton Rouge Police Chief announced that one officer involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling has been fired and the other has been suspended.
Court documents say one of the unreleased videos shows an officer involved in Sterling's fatal shooting shouting, "I'll kill you, b***h."
The suit says "negligent and unreasonable fatal actions" by police led to the 2016 shooting.
“Our officials should be ashamed of themselves. This is outrageous," one resident said.
I found the courage to assert my Blackness in my professional life.
"It's just another dead black man on the street to y'all!" Sterling's aunt said.
The not guilty verdict and acquittal of all charges against George Zimmerman in the case of Trayvon Martin, the decision
Residents of an area beset by months of natural disasters, racial tension and civil unrest say they're hopeful for unity.
As reported globally and partly captured on video in July, the capital of Louisiana suffered the shooting deaths of three police officers and the death of a man selling CDs all within two weeks. Both episodes and other killings last month of black men and police officers jolted the US into a deep examination of how violent race relations had become in the country.
As I was dragged into the street an officer muttered, “Really give it to her.” I began screaming.