alton sterling shooting

I wrote the entirety of this under the notes of my iPhone mostly because of how urgently I want to heal and partly to distract
"Will you embrace and welcome me when I’m a full grown black man?"
As a self-proclaimed "woke" white dude, it's sometimes difficult to know how to participate in conversations about race that matter deeply to me. The last thing I want to do is suck up oxygen from the voices that need to be heard.
It didn't take long for the predictable. Loose-lipped former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh frothed at President Obama in the aftermath of the slaying of five Dallas police officers and the wounding of several others.
A young white man decided to practice his Second Amendment rights at the site where Sterling was killed.
A visibly frustrated Obama implored communities and lawmakers to enact criminal justice reforms.
The artist posted a powerful statement urging fans to "take a stand and demand that they 'stop killing us.'"
Three officers in Baltimore walked in the Gray case. Whether there will be any charges against the Baton Rouge officers involved in the Sterling and Castile slayings is problematic at best. This tells much as to why cops repeatedly walk free in dubious deadly force cases.
Members of the community have gathered to protest the police shooting of the 32-year-old.
"I woke up this morning with a strong need to say something."
Sterling’s predicament illustrates the difficulty of reintegrating into society and finding a job after incarceration, he said.