We asked dermatologists whether the aluminum found in traditional antiperspirant is really THAT bad for us.
A corrupt Chinese company that is under investigation by three U.S. agencies is trying to buy an American aluminum firm.
During this very month last year, aluminum smelters across the United States were closing, one after another. It was as if they produced something useless, not a commodity crucial to everything from beverage cans to fighter jets.
Trump has had countless chances to put his money where his mouth is. Yet he hasn't.
China makes way, way too much steel. In 2015, it produced nearly 500 million tons more than it needed. Production of that steel was subsidized by the Chinese government in ways that violate international trade rules, so the price was artificially low. And China suppresses the value of its currency, further falsely reducing the cost of the steel.
Sometimes the simplest chef-y tool can revolutionize your weeknight dinner. Take the humble sizzle platter, a $6, 11-inch-long taper-sided aluminum oval that's used in practically every restaurant for roasting or broiling individual portions of, well, basically anything.
In keeping with the figgy-pudding and potato latke traditions of the holidays, here's a recipe for delivering joy to workers so that they can spread holiday merriment.
Nearly all of the Republican presidential candidates have been vociferous in their hatred of the Iran deal, and if a majority Republican Congress is elected in 2016, the Iran deal will probably have a short life -- if it has one at all.
Ever wonder how molten metals react when poured into water? In a video released this week, the Backyard Scientist, who appears
If you're lucky enough to have a deck or backyard, make it an extension of your home with furnishings from any of the below, depending on your budget and taste!
In San Francisco, the communities with the highest hospitalization rates for type-2 diabetes are the same communities with the highest rates of soda consumption. Type-2 diabetes is far more costly and far more regressive than any soda tax ever could be.
A simple policy change like the Soda Tax can help us waste less water, lower our GHG production, and lessen the pollution of our air, water and soil. It's a win-win-win: a win for the environment, a win for our children, and a win for our communities.
Fire ants get a bad rap--and for good reason. The pesky little brutes are notorious for their biting, stinging ways--and
"The temptation is so strong," said Omarova, who wrote a paper on the subject titled "The Merchants of Wall Street: Banking
How many times have you seen an expensive piece of furniture and thought, "I can make that"? Not often? Never? Here is one example of how you can take inspiration from a catalog, and get the look for less. MUCH less.
Chris Evans, LME head of business development said: "When the discussions of the load out rate were underway last year we
Me: "Aluminium." What follows is my account of a conversation between me, my partner, and our friend Jarrod Chlapowski. It's