Alveda King

“People think it’s okay because it’s legal and because [a fetus] is not a person, but they said that about slaves, too," a protester said.
Recently, and not surprisingly, the emotional battle over LGBT rights has focused on America's moral giant Martin Luther King, Jr. and the question: "What Would Martin Do?"
Taylor Branch is a progressive to be reckoned with when it comes to documenting the history of the American civil rights movement. That's why I was so shocked to read his account of Glenn Beck's Fox-hyped rally in Washington.
After months of huffing and puffing on Fox News, Glenn Beck did succeed in pulling a big crowd out to the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th. But, once they got there, nothing happened.
Alveda King obviously needs a little history lesson -- the national motto chosen by our founders was "E Pluribus Unum." The changing of our national motto to "In God We Trust" didn't happen until the 1950s.