Alzheimer's Awareness

No matter how well read or well traveled you are, I can almost guarantee you will be at a complete loss on what to do or where to start. The amount of information out there is overwhelming but there was no clear, simple guide that I could find.
I want our story to end on our terms.
Glenn Nishida aims to show "the ups and downs of living with the disease."
It is officially the month of June and the start of summer. As a mom of three, I try to make summer shine bright for our family as we take some much-needed "time off" for mini-vacations, "time in" for staying in PJ's all day and time together unplugged from digital devices! Yes, it is a careful dance with our working schedules, but I try to make our summer full of memory-making moments.
Trial and error as an Alzheimer's caregiver taught me that it's better to be patient than to be right. That golden rule and the two magic words 'OK Mom' rescued my sanity on many a day as advancing Alzheimer's tightened its grip on my mother Peg.