Cheeses - For antipasti we savored a fragrant caved aged Taleggio and Fontina. Pecorino Romano was added to the Bucatini
Who or what is responsible for all this? Do we blame inadequate and/or superficial management? Are these concerns related
The town is preparing for the long rebuilding process.
The State funeral was held for some of the 290 people killed in the earthquake.
Yesterday was the first time I saw a dead body. Not just one, but many. They were in bodybags but I could still make out the figure. I could still make out bent limbs and dried blood. The smell reached deep and engrained itself in my nose for hours after I left.
“This is the end of our wonderful town. There’s nothing left now."
A day of national mourning was announced, with flags due to fly at half staff around the country for the dead, who include a number of foreigners.
Large parts of several historic towns now lie in ruins.