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The writing was on the wall. "We heard the feedback," Dave Limp, senior vice president of devices at Amazon, said in an interview
Tim Stenovec joins HuffPost Live to explain why he will not be purchasing Amazon's Fire Phone.
And it's incredibly easy. All you have to do is push a button on the side of the device, point the phone's camera at an object
So irrelevant is the phone's calling ability that Bezos spent more time touting seemingly less-important details of the Fire
This sounds really cool, right? Don't get me wrong -- it is. But it's doubtful that this feature -- along with some of the
The phone will also come equipped with MayDay, the company's well received customer service feature that lets people video
AT&T currently provides wireless Internet for Amazon's Kindle ereaders and tablets. Amazon is scheduled to unveil a new device
The online retail giant, which has been getting its fingers into all sorts of hardware lately, hasn't announced the speculated
Reports that Amazon is developing a phone have been floating around for months. If the report is true, Amazon would be entering
Amazon launched the seven-inch Fire in September, so the company has almost a year of data on the spending habits of these