"Billionaires have been flocking to Wyoming, attracted by its outdoor lifestyle and low taxes." - New York Times. Oh snap
Sleep aids like Belsomra, Ambien and other hypnotics might not work as well as you think they do. Harvard Medical School professor, Patrick Fuller breaks down how we’ve been mislead when it comes to sleep aids.
When you hear somebody crying wolf about short sleep, ask who is paying them and the people from whom they get their information.
This approach helps you change the behaviors that cause sleepless nights.
Insomnia Specialist Dr. Gregg Jacobs explains why a totally drug-free treatment for insomnia, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, is going largely unnoticed.
It's the No. 1 sleeping pill in blood and toxicology reports for suicides.
Over-the-counter sleep aids, like Unisom and TylenolPM, are flying off the shelf, but the easily-accessible medicines come with real side effects. Here are five things you should know before you take an over-the-counter sleep aid.
So today was my yearly visit with my psychiatrist and yes I have one and please stop judging.
Like most parents dealing with a child who won't sleep, you've probably made a shameful Google search for "sleeping pills for kids."
Serious allergic reactions (get immediate emergency medical attention): swelling of the tongue or throat, difficulty swallowing
Now, there's a gadget -- a little stick -- designed to ease that date-rape drug anxiety. It's called, or the "personal
There's only so much Febreeze a parent can go through before the fumes start to attack the nervous system. Instead of fighting the frustration of no longer being able to see my feet over my boobs, I'm channeling it into wine-tinged poetry.
A few days ago, the FDA cut the recommended dosage for one of the most popular sleeping pills in half. This brings up some questions -- to put it politely.
And yet, ever since Saturday he has been calm, supportive, encouraging and patient. He's cooked for me. He's massaged me