No one needs a PHD or cosmetology license to understand that. I've spent thirty years filming and photographing some of the
I'd just turned fifty. I was the stepfather of two kids who were having a hard time with high school. They didn't have huge
Which other female leaders do you admire and why? Tory Burch - and this isn't me sucking up. She's authentic and she started
I can describe the taste of enough. It's like a cloud -- beautiful and airy, it feels fresh and comfortable. This taste is fulfilling and relaxing.
Although we can't undo the past, we can recognize a derailment and take action to get back on track.
We can wake ourselves up by increasing our oxygen level by breathing deeply. Or conversely, we can put ourselves to sleep with a kind of meditation of shallow breathing, and repeating silently the words to the rhythmic "in" and "out" like a mantra.
How can someone with Imposter Syndrome or Comparative Success Syndrome begin to change their self-perception? Fisher Harris
While I wish you a great future, what I really wish for you is a great summer. Because if you learn to appreciate the now, you'll always have it to reflect on. If you forever focus on tomorrow, you'll never truly have today. Congratulations and good luck!
Linda and Charlie Bloom are excited to announce the release of their third book, Happily Ever After . . . and 39 Other Myths
As a millennial, I learned very quickly that ambition is the fuel for my career. Without it, I would have no choice other than to settle. I used to think that success was a direct correlation to automatic manifestation. Unfortunately it wasn't and I learned, from flying on airplanes, that everything is a process.
Having high ambitions is not wrong and in fact, most people who are greatly successful, become so, only because they've dared to dream big. Being ambitious is not wrong, as it's the first step to success and it leads us to work towards what we want.
Maria Are you tired of playing within the system? Do you find yourself becoming less and less "ambitious" in the corporate
2. The Power Of Words 1. Life Lessons “Mrs. Lee was my fourth and fifth grade teacher from 1967 to 1969. She went above and
Ambition that springs forth from within is the divine drive that'll ground you in your strengths and propel you to new heights. Inner ambition is fierce, but never aggressive; it's bold, but never a bully; it's focused, but never reckless.
As humans, we are designed to connect and relate to one another. Relationships are a part of our innate desire to share our authentic selves, experience other perspectives and to be accepted, which is why many people who are successful struggle with the isolation in which they find themselves
So what is it like being the only guy? "It can be a scary thing," Ryder admits. "But it also had an incredible impact on
Carl observed that Bill showed great maturity by turning his recent success into a serious reconsideration of his objectives
I've written several pieces exploring why the male characters in my novels tend to be misogynist A-holes. But I recently had an experience that made me realize I'm looking at the issue from the wrong perspective.
In our culture, women's ambition has long been portrayed as something bad or evil while an ambitious man is lauded and seen as well qualified for whatever position.
Is it possible to strive for more, desire more, work for more while still being deeply, profoundly grateful for all you have? Will being grateful make you complacent? I'm not sure, but it is what I've been working on for the past two months.