I wish people could recognize how remarkable they are. I wish they could embrace their flaws and realize that is the stuff
Even hard driving Franklin distrusted the meanness, the pestilence of the "A" word as did most 18th century thinkers. Many
What is the most important lesson you've learned in your career to date? The more passionate you are about your work the
I can describe the taste of enough. It's like a cloud -- beautiful and airy, it feels fresh and comfortable. This taste is fulfilling and relaxing.
Although we can't undo the past, we can recognize a derailment and take action to get back on track.
We can wake ourselves up by increasing our oxygen level by breathing deeply. Or conversely, we can put ourselves to sleep with a kind of meditation of shallow breathing, and repeating silently the words to the rhythmic "in" and "out" like a mantra.
The Symptoms Because of societal discrimination, as well as counter-measures like Affirmative Action, Imposter Syndrome may
While I wish you a great future, what I really wish for you is a great summer. Because if you learn to appreciate the now, you'll always have it to reflect on. If you forever focus on tomorrow, you'll never truly have today. Congratulations and good luck!
Matt's parents divorced when he was four. His mother and two sisters raised him. His mother never remarried and the family
As a millennial, I learned very quickly that ambition is the fuel for my career. Without it, I would have no choice other than to settle. I used to think that success was a direct correlation to automatic manifestation. Unfortunately it wasn't and I learned, from flying on airplanes, that everything is a process.