amc freakshow

Of course, if she hits the actual sword, Morgue's innards could end up sliced and diced. Ray takes her whip and attempts
In this clip from AMC Freakshow, Asia Ray attempts to break a board with a whip. The catch is that the board is attached to a sword being swallowed by Morgue
In court, it was revealed that Wyant had been paid $1,500 by Stiles' wife, Mary Teresa Stiles, and her son from a previous
Despite his fame, the Creature is having trouble scaring up someone with whom to live. Boykin admits the assumptions people
Asia takes his direction, but worries that her makeup is messing up the mousetrap. Mentors are crucial to navigating some
The performer's name is Morgue and he specializes in stunts that would put most people in a real morgue. His biggest stunt
Morgue, a star on the AMC series "Freakshow," demonstrates how he swallows a large metal ball and a sword at the same time.
Normally, staples like that do cause injury. There are countless appearances in hospital emergency rooms of people who've
Murrugan, "The Human Pincushion," went for a new descriptive title during the latest episode of "Freakshow." One of the oldest
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