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Climate change "disproportionately impacts African Americans," said church leaders.
On Saturday the voters of South Carolina gave Hillary Clinton a huge victory sending her into Super Tuesday with the wind at her back. Hillary earned victory because the people of South Carolina know her; they trust she will have their backs when she is President.
The horrific massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston set off a battle of banners, making us all feel as if the Civil War had not ended 150 years ago.
Action after the deadly attack “for some reason was focused on the symbol of the Confederate battle flag,” Clyburn said, referencing
It remains to be seen if this racial atrocity will awaken the soul of white America and create a multiracial commitment against the lingering sins of systemic racism. Will the continuing racial injustice in America now be more forthrightly addressed -- by all of us? That will be the moral test of white America's soul.
Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about faith and forgiveness in the wake of the Charleston shooting here. Just a
The congregants and their Charleston neighbors have shown us a stronger power to change hearts and minds. And they are not alone.
Killing people in cold blood in a sacred space, trespassing on holy ground, I don't fully understand it, nor do I fully understand the faith of those still standing at Mother Emanuel's, after the horrors they've faced there.
The most amazing thing has been the public reaction of the victims' families, who have, as they say, refused to let the mass murders push them into hatred. Instead of calling for revenge, or even "justice," they offered forgiveness. It is the strongest affirmation of nonviolence I have ever heard.