ame shooting

Violence is not the answer. Activism is.
And his murderous rage was aimed at black people.
“We have been modeled by African-American [religious] leaders to forgive -- even when someone hasn’t even asked for forgiveness
If anyone is saying that change is impossible, they are being drowned out by those calling out, specifically, for ways to bring ourselves into full American citizenship -- the rights and privileges that we've been fighting for, continuously, since emancipation. The ones that immigrants have fought for since arrival.
"That is ignoring and trivializing -- if not just summarily dismissing -- all the people, especially the peoples of color
I wonder if he’s sure about that now. Warning: This post contains language that may be offensive to some. "Our country has
Once black issues stop being black issues, once Latino issues stop being Latino issues -- when they're just issues -- that's we have something. I preach to everyone, go outside your demographic and join their struggle. Even if it's not at your front door. Show them you're there.
I don't want to pray for Charleston. I can't. I am an Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, yet, prayer doesn't seem like enough. I need action. To my white Christian brethren, I don't need for you to tell me how angry you are. I need you to tell your white friends.
This story has been updated with comments from Stone and Dietz. Yet mainstream media has already begun wondering what really
If, as a Christian, rage is absent from your analysis of what happened in Charleston, I am not sure we worship the same God. My God is not docile, and is big enough to hold my anger, frustration and questions.