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Voters in the states of Colorado and Washington just legalized marijuana for recreational use. But, smoking pot is still illegal federally. What now? Joining Jacob Soboroff to discuss are guests Stephen Gutwillig, Bob Carlton, Christie Lunsford and John Schochet.
Maher, who shoots his show in Los Angeles, California -- a state which has legal marijuana for medical use -- asked Tvert
“This [news] is outstanding,” said marijuana attorney and activist Rob Corry. “I am just ecstatic that our congressional
The U.S. Justice Department has said in a statement that it is studying the initiatives and had no further comment. Federal
Colorado’s legislature has the option of creating the rules and regulations that will govern the sale of marijuana. The legislature
Tvert told The Huffington Post that these ex-drug warriors' position to keep the war on marijuana alive and well should come
While the amendment legalizes private use of marijuana, public use would remain illegal. Patrons at a ball game, for instance
At the press conference the campaign also announced endorsements of Amendment 64 from the National Latino Officers Association
Colorado is known for many great things –- marijuana should not be one of them. Amendment 64 has the potential to increase
And back in March, evangelical conservative Pat Robertson took to the airwaves of "The 700 Club" condemning arrests for marijuana
If marijuana is legalized in Colorado, a new report suggests that it could be a boon for the state, generating nearly $60
We are pleased to have Gov. Johnson in town to witness firsthand how Colorado has successfully begun to regulate marijuana
Does that sound like the future leader of a anti-legalization movement that would ask the federal government for help on
More Coloradans than ever before are aware of the fact that marijuana is not as dangerous as they have been led to believe
Coloradans are even more strongly in favor of legalizing marijuana, and they overwhelmingly believe it at least should be