America First

After "Anglo Saxon" dust-up, Greene will headline event in Florida featuring "conspiracy theorists and election deniers," noted local newspaper.
But the conservative Republican member of Congress still vows to push Donald Trump's "America First agenda with my congressional colleagues."
A donor who spent time with the president said Trump believed the pandemic could help boost his "America First" agenda.
People who use racist rhetoric like “America First” don’t actually care about America.
President Donald Trump delivered his first address to the United Nations General Assembly and pledged to "defend America's interests above all else."
No American can possibly believe that he or she now is living in that exceptional land of patriotic possibility.
Americans have never much liked acting in concert with their fellow citizens or with citizens of the world.
Sean Spicer seemed to contradict himself on whether the administration has a new red line for military action in Syria.
The arts provide truth. The arts provide guides through complex issues.
Singer Cher had trouble reaching the stage, so she hung out in the crowd. One happy moment onstage was when Ashley Judd cut