America First

People who use racist rhetoric like “America First” don’t actually care about America.
President Donald Trump delivered his first address to the United Nations General Assembly and pledged to "defend America's interests above all else."
No American can possibly believe that he or she now is living in that exceptional land of patriotic possibility.
Americans have never much liked acting in concert with their fellow citizens or with citizens of the world.
Sean Spicer seemed to contradict himself on whether the administration has a new red line for military action in Syria.
The arts provide truth. The arts provide guides through complex issues.
The reins of our national government have been handed to a reckless and destructive crew. Our values and freedoms are under
Ultimately, the U.S. government is created, funded, staffed, and defended by the American people. Its first and overwhelming
Deterrence is an objective, even as the Trump Administration responds to challenges with even more audacious assertions of
Time to come clean. "No, but it's easier for me to think you're joking than to think you believe something that's not true
Trump is on a road to undermine the progress that has been achieved. His appointment to the Supreme Court will certainly
The Anti-Defamation League asked him to stop using it. He didn't care.
In 1990 I published an article entitled "Why Political Risk Insurance Will Grow in the 1990s". At that time, the former Soviet
That's a label that I know to be a lot more accurate, and I feel it's a lot more useful. It wouldn't be a bad idea for campaigners
McGovern proved too liberal for the vox populi, losing 49-states. Since that time period, the progressives have occasionally
So when political science Professor Kenneth Janda asked if he could write a column making a more academic comparison (instead of just hurling insults), I thought it'd be a great idea.
Just as in 2008 as a passionate Hillary supporter I was welcomed into the campaign of Barack Obama I want to be part of warmly