Recently I sat down with the terrific Mike Brown, Jr., one of the Founders and a Partner at AOL Ventures, the VC arm of AOL which focuses on Seed and Series A non-strategic investing in tech-oriented consumer internet companies.
Left versus right: These are overly-simplified labels that perpetuate division, and we ought not cater to them, because that amounts to lazy journalism.
We are the first of our kind. We are interconnected collaborative creatures, and we like to share. We link and like, comment, post and poke. We Yelp when we're hungry, Skype when we're lonely and G-chat throughout the day.
This study is betrayed by common sense and reality. If being around gay parents makes a child gay, then how does Walter Schumm explain the inconvenient fact that the vast majority of LGBT adults had heterosexual parents?
Digital Hollywood will continue through October 21, 2010 focusing on the smart phone, tablets and video as lifestyle choices
Paul Cameron being denounced by the scientific community has nothing to do with political correctness, just the simple fact that Cameron couldn't be believed if you pumped him with a truck full of truth serum.
It has been more than a decade since America Online dominated headlines as the future of media. Oh how times have changed
NEW YORK (AP) -- Time Warner Inc. says its board has approved plans to spin off AOL, the company's lagging Internet unit
Jeffrey Bewkes, the new chief executive of sprawling, stalled media conglomerate Time Warner Inc., hardly fits the mold of