American Academy of Family Physicians

Whenever I hear supporters of the Graham-Cassidy bill talk about why it should be passed, the main reason seems to be that
Doctors, hospitals, nurses, the March of Dimes -- they're all opposed to the American Health Care Act.
Gun violence spreads much like a disease epidemic.
It's hard to find someone willing to say something nice.
A new partnership places the AAFP in an embarrassing conflict of interest. I gather that members were not consulted. They need to make their voices heard.
For a doctors' group to take a six-figure sum from Coke is like accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Tobacco to create a physician-approved website claiming cigarettes are part of a healthy lifestyle.
What exact role do sugar laden beverages such as Coca Cola, Vitamin Water, and others play in a healthy lifestyle? None. You don't need an educational program to figure that one out.