American Academy of Religion

It happened. President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, removing any illusion that we can depend
Those committing violence in the name of Islam are not acting in the name or with the support of the vast majority of practicing Muslims.
Despite this diversity the focus chosen for the year concerns the problem of global climate change. One of the plenary sessions involved a presentation by representatives of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
If a few bad apples aren't reason enough for the AAR to adopt its own Code of Ethics, perhaps the reminder that a scholar is not just a researcher, but a mentor to future generations will be.
The nonreligious and the secular are a significant part of American society and no discussion of religion and society is complete if secularity is ignored.
Six years ago at the AAR/SBL it amazed me that no one was talking about declining participation in American Christianity. Now I feel like we are part of a larger conversation about how the church can reach a new generation.
At a time when trust in religious organizations is at an all time low, it gives me hope that the professors who train the next generation of religious leaders are practicing what they preach.
Dharma Academy of North America scholars attempt to view the Indic religions on their own traditional terms, not just through the methods and categories of Western scholarship. It is now the largest additional symposium at AAR.
When it comes to the discussion of religion -- or, for my theological colleagues, the discussion of doctrine -- no questions should be pulled off the table. We need questions to keep us honest.
Halloween, or Samhain, is celebrated in many ways, some religious, some spiritual and many secular. It is a religious holiday that has entered the general American cultural ethos.