American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Fred Rotondaro, an Italian American leader, died on June 26. He was, by every measure, a remarkable man. On hearing of his
President Donald Trump has twice tried to institute a travel ban on all refugees from six or seven Muslim-majority countries
Trump is "throwing a lot of marbles for us to walk around,” said one frustrated researcher.
Today, young Arab-American activists, like Renée, advocate that American ideals of civil liberties, of ethnic and racial equality, and of respect for immigrants also apply to Arab-Americans and to Arabs living in the United States.
"It was really difficult to be belittled and spoken down to because someone saw a piece of cloth on my head," Hider said
The civil rights group said in its letter that it's working with the FBI and local law enforcement officials to address the
President Obama used a religious event to make a political statement -- one that was simultaneously an insult to the entire Muslim- and Arab-American community.
A Palestinian-American organizer and civil rights icon, Odeh was assassinated 28 years ago today. His life and work shared strong parallels with Medgar Evers, as did his untimely and tragic death. Unlike Medgar Evers, however, the name Alex Odeh remains unrecognizable for too many Americans, and his murder remains unresolved.
After years of pressure from civil rights groups and lawmakers who say attacks against religious and ethnic minorities are not adequately monitored by law enforcement, the FBI will begin formally tracking hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus and Arabs.
Meeting in Portsmouth, Va., on Wednesday, an FBI advisory board voted to expand standard hate-crime incident reports used
An ADC spokesman, Raed Jarrar, said he could not recall an uproar when those people appeared before the group. The list of
With increasing interest in the historical connections between the United States and the Arab world as a result of the politics of our time, there seemingly is a new push to expand knowledge about Gibran and possibly ground him in an American setting.
Since Islamophobia and anti-Arab sentiment have been major players in our current political discourse today, it is encouraging to see civil rights groups like the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) tackle these issues during their 2012 ADC Annual Convention.
When Americans across the country flock to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4, Arab Americans will be standing with them side-by-side in line to vote.