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Kathryn Kimball Mizelle has been practicing law only since 2012 and has never tried a case. The Senate made her a lifetime federal judge anyway.
Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, on track to get a lifetime federal judgeship, has only been practicing law since 2012 and has never tried a case.
When we talk about the judicial system, the Supreme Court gets all of the attention. But the Trump administration has been quietly pushing through dozens of Circuit Court judges, many of whom are extremely conservative and some that have even been rated as “Unqualified” by the American Bar Association. So who are these judges and what’s so important about circuit courts?
The organization put out a pointed statement about "public officials who personally attack judges or prosecutors" after the president did just that.
HuffPost and MSNBC will be interviewing the candidates in New Hampshire about what their judicial picks will look like and how they'll work with Mitch McConnell.
The Republican-controlled Senate has confirmed a judge to the appellate court even though Lawrence Vandyke has been described as “lazy” and “arrogant.”
Sarah Pitlyk has claimed that IVF and surrogacy have “grave effects on society” and lead to “diminished respect for motherhood.”
The GOP has already confirmed five judicial nominees rated "not qualified" by the American Bar Association, and more are coming. Great!
The American Bar Association gave Lawrence VanDyke, a nominee for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a scathing evaluation.
Justin Walker, 37, lacks the experience to be a lifetime federal judge, says the American Bar Association. Republicans voted for him anyway.