American Beverage Association

Corporate-backed campaigns to ban sugary beverage taxes are misleading voters.
For those working diligently to promote tap water consumption, all is not lost.
The soda industry, because it does not have science (or even common sense) on its side, is resorting to methods of distraction.
New York City, of course, has had its own disgusting anti-soda advertisements for years. For example: The Bloomberg-appointed
Lately there has been a lot of hoopla in the Big Apple about the federal food stamp program, now officially known by the snappy acronym SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Everybody, it seems, has an opinion.
Why should we taxpayers subsidize obesity and the medical costs that caring for diabetes would require? Why should kids be brought up on sugar water?
Armies of deep-pocketed lobbyists are marshaling astroturf front groups to give Coca-Cola and Pepsi's opposition to soda taxes a respectable air.
Keane said the ads were aimed at lawmakers more than consumers. "We found that all the lawmakers in D.C. get their news on