american bison

Moose in Denali National Park. Photo credit: Chip Weiskotten/WCS. For example, through the work of the NPS in Channel Islands
A sickly bison calf died in 2010 after a national park specialist brought the animal home, an inspector general found.
We love our new national mammal, but is this really all Congress can do?
Congress has been busy passing legislation to honor the American bison.
On a personal note meeting our Congressional champions has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. One of
We were not only going to a private wolf sanctuary, Aventuraid, but also to an animal wilderness park - Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien. The zoo was in a stunning boreal forest, and we looked forward to experiencing a camping, canoeing and hiking adventure.
We cannot ignore the realities of habitat loss for wildlife, the extinction crisis, and the impact climate change has on nature; but equally as important, we should not forget the good news and the victories through conservation action.