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Democratic super PAC American Bridge readjusted for the Trump era, and it paid off.
In the week before Valentine's Day, United Technologies expressed its love for its devoted Indiana employees, workers whose labor had kept the corporation profitable, by informing 2,100 of them at two facilities that it was shipping their factories, their jobs, their communities' resources to Mexico.
Groups backed by the conservative billionaires helped to worsen the impact of the storm and hinder the recovery process.
WASHINGTON -- If you can't beat 'em, lick 'em. Glory. And he knows it. With the glee of a teenage boy who has just successfully
Speaking to journalists ahead of the report's release, American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse said that GOP candidates
Aaron Bycoffe contributed reporting. But of these 62 donors, 42 gave to Democratic-aligned groups while just 18 gave to Republican
"I think the Koch brothers are two of the most patriotic Americans in the history of the Earth," Vitter says to the crowd
Already, the new group is flooding Senate races with trackers holding video cameras ready to record any comment made by vulnerable
"I believe the progressive community owes Rodell a debt of gratitude for helping to build a permanent piece of infrastructure
"There's one Todd Akin per election, maybe every other election. And then while you're waiting for that moment, you miss
"And the trouble is, it's because they either can't find people to come to work sober, daily, drug-free and want to learn
A top liberal SuperPAC in the 2012 election had undisclosed financial ties to the private equity firm Bain Capital — something
To avoid making illegal in-kind corporate contributions, the LLC would likely need to charge candidates for access to the
A memo from Majority PAC released after Tuesday's election detailed a similar reasoning, "Majority PAC was formed with a
The ad is entitled "integrity" and all but one of the five participants use the word to describe the 35-year-old Republican
What's happening in your district? The Huffington Post wants to know about all the campaign ads, mailers, robocalls, candidate
There has been an effort, especially at the top of the ticket, to encourage supporters to do what they can for those impacted
"Mitt Romney acts like there are two sets of rules: one set for us and one for millionaires and billionaires," the voiceover
American Bridge 21st Century, a Washington-based Democratic super PAC, requested materials from the treasurer's office detailing