American Crossroads

A court order invalidating a rule that kept some election spending secret is going into effect.
Information on 198 million American voters was freely available -- if you knew where to look.
In the tranquility of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, Paul Ryan stressed the need to coordinate and strengthen the Republican party on the federal, state, and local levels. His audience? A bevy of state legislative leaders rubbing elbows with industry interests.
Photographer Pete Barrett is on a trip, and it's a long one. For the past six months, Pete and his family have taken to the road for an indefinite trip around the country as Pete delves into a photographic journey to shoot "The American Worker."
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"Elizabeth Warren must be just as outraged as every other American about Hillary Clinton’s donations from foreign governments
While big donors like Tom Steyer and the Democratic Party insiders running Democratic-leaning outside spending groups might not be celebrating over it now, big money -- even losing big money -- matters in Washington.
Ryan, the campaign finance watchdog, argues that these contributions highlight how thin the lines separating candidates from
Where Republican super PACs received $25 million from 21 billionaires in September, Democrats were given a little more than
Republican super PAC American Crossroads misidentified its second-largest donor last month in paperwork filed Friday with
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The top four corporate donors were all private companies. Mostyn Law Firm, run by Houston trial lawyer and Democratic mega
Beyond opposing Jones in North Carolina, Singer's American Unity PAC spent more than $660,000 to promote Rep. Richard Hanna
In a federal system--a system that prioritizes letting people govern their own communities--it should concern us whenever bigger money from other places distorts elections in places with smaller money.
Democrats responded to the group's ad buy by arguing that Tillis would act as a rubber stamp for Rove were he to be elected
Aaron Bycoffe contributed reporting. But of these 62 donors, 42 gave to Democratic-aligned groups while just 18 gave to Republican
In Iowa, ads from Senate Majority PAC and a jointly produced spot from the Environmental Defense Fund and Moms Clean Air
After the 2012 election, Rove and the Crossroads groups were excoriated by tea party and other conservative activists, who