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She celebrated her sister's child who prefers gender neutral pronouns.
(Sadly, my original link to this analysis is now locked to users without a password. However, if you google "Carolyn Jacobson
Queer Voices
If we accept that 'queer' is not just a synonym for LGBT, but a description of something that is revolutionary, something that challenges heteronormativity and the fixed nature of identities, then the anti-normative, non-binary, singular 'they' is a very queer word of the year indeed.
Queer Voices
"Marriage equality" did win the "Most Likely to Succeed" category in a landslide vote. It trounced the competition, which included "fiscal cliff," "superstorm," "MOOC" (for "massive open online course") and "big data," with a total of 156 votes.
As I read about the ADS' decision to declare "occupy" the word of the year, I couldn't help but wonder what would win if we were to vote on the Hashtag of the Year. Therefore, I offer you my own winners for various hashtag categories.
The American Dialect Society has named 'google' the word of the decade and 'tweet' the word of the year. Read more on
Other outlets have already named words of the year for 2009 -- Merriam-Webster picked "admonish" (huh?) and the Oxford English
Epithets like "socialist" and "fascist" enable people on the right to bond with each other and -- though they may not acknowledge it -- to alienate everybody else.