american dream

"Promised Land," "The Black Hamptons" and other recent TV dramas have focused on wealthy families of color. But are they peddling bad narratives?
In "American (Tele)visions," the "Looking" actor plays the stern patriarch of an undocumented Mexican family grappling with a tragic loss.
Unemployment is in double-digits, renters are scared of eviction notices, aid is stuck, and economic recovery seems to have slowed.
The red-nosed reindeer — brought to you by a department store, General Electric, and a Jewish songwriter — remains a fable about the American dream.
More than two-thirds said it's no longer commonplace for hard work to be a path from poverty to wealth, according to a new World Economic Forum poll.
"To me it's a complete repudiation of the American Dream," said David Glosser.
"I noticed that my dad, when he’d see either microaggressions or full-on aggression happening in America, he sort of considers that the cost of entry."
"Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel and right-wing radio have preyed upon those who've seen their American Dream go up in smoke."
In our new project "Betting the House: Affording a Home in America," HuffPost wants to help you tell your housing story.
"It turned into a horrible nightmare," one homeowner said.