American Elections

Would power educate the potentate? An over-confident, disdainful Trump should beware: the hidden strengths in American political culture, those that don't like the taste of snake-oil, will turn him into what he most fears becoming: a loser.
In the United Kingdom, when the prime minister calls an election, it can take as little as one month to complete. In France, the national election campaign takes about four months.
President Barack Obama enters his second term with a pledge that will test either his resolve or his elusiveness, namely the Iran pledge, in which he vowed not to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to become a nuclear state.
It is quite significant that Hezbollah is being implicated, by a decision from Iran, in the battle taking place inside Syria, by providing fighters and equipment, and in attempting to divert attention away from the battle in Syria, by sending an unmanned drone dubbed "Ayoub" over Israeli territory.