american exceptionalism

The reality is the use of violent force and intimidation for political gain has always been part of the U.S. narrative.
Isabel Wilkerson's ambitious new book seeks to reframe American racism — and place it among a pantheon of other brutal caste systems.
Millions of people worldwide are following the protests over George Floyd's murder. American police are attacking foreign journalists.
The life of a non-profit (like Interfaith Alliance) can be like a Venn diagram. We work in coalition with all sorts of groups
As governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley didn’t have much need to worry about foreign policy. For reasons unknown, other
It’s clear to anyone paying attention that you are an enabler of the violence you rail against.
Democracies must prove their viability and desirability to their citizens who are looking for a better path forward.
Note: The video below may be disturbing for some viewers. Back in the days when this land was still infected with the disease
How Americans remember (and forget) their wars.
A Morning Consult poll winks at me from my inbox: 57 percent of Americans support more airstrikes in Syria. My eyeballs roll
I spent 13 years serving America in national security and intelligence positions. It took the rise of Trump for me to identify as a patriot.
Remember that saying from the Vietnam War era, “Suppose they gave a war and no one came?” Considering present events, we
Explanations for the accelerating militarization of the U.S. come from many directions.
“No matter how the war in Iraq ends, it seems likely that it will soon replace Vietnam as the military’s new touchstone for lessons learned.”
Ways of life long relied upon are being overturned.