american families

American families who can't afford simple needs like diapers seek solace in charity run diaper banks.
Recently Triple Canopy, Light Industry and the Public School re-opened their doors in North Brooklyn at 155 Freeman, ending
Poverty rates rose in 2010 under a variety of poverty measures, as the economic downturn continued and long-term unemployment hit record highs.
JUST BEYOND DENVER At Parr Elementary School, a tidy facility in a traditionally middle class neighborhood in the north of
Even short-term poverty driven by recession can scar families and hurt the future employment prospects and health outcomes of children.
Obama's brilliant photo of him in a crisp white shirt sans jacket will come to symbolize a new presidential power.
Talk to your kids about what's happening with the economy; it can keep them from feeling an exaggerated sense of fear or personal responsibility to keep themselves and other family members safe.