American Farm Bureau Federation

At least nine states have enacted or considered a “right to farm” this year.
The campaign has come to Kansas and it won’t stop there.
The "blue card" proposal would give undocumented farmworkers a path to a legal status. Republicans aren't jumping on board.
Copying the Canadian model would be nearly impossible in the U.S.
"Don't step in the way of Big Ag, or you'll suffer the consequences," says the CEO of Iowa's Des Moines Water Works.
Critics of President Barack Obama's landmark regulation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions almost always highlight a series of flawed studies to attack the Clean Power Plan. In fact, many are often paid for by utility or fossil fuel interests.
"Flexibility is a key term, and access," said R.J. Karney, a lobbyist for the American Farm Bureau Federation. By David Morgan
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) walked into court in Minnesota last week and asked a judge to issue an order to stop the federal agency from sharing information about some of the biggest polluters of our nation's waterways with the American public.
From 24/7 Wall St.: The cost of Thanksgiving dinner has gone up over the years. It averaged $34.56 in 2002 and now is nearly
In the 21st Century, Shakespeare might ask, "What's in a domain name?" To the 6 million-member American Farm Bureau Federation