american food culture

Peanut butter and jelly was a joy you weren't acquainted with until adulthood.
Refined Sugar Ahh, refined sugar or commonly known as white (granulated) sugar, perhaps the most deadly ingredient on this
Filipino food has long been an under-represented cuisine in New York City.
Some will astound you, some will confuse you, and some will make you want to relocate immediately.
According to the research, Hispanics make up a large portion of the younger generation in the country, and survey data indicates
From classic franks to artisan wieners with toppings like kimchi, here are the nation's best hot dogs.
It's difficult to define American food, to say that dish x is the best representation of an entire country that's so expansive
But while we talk all the time about the content of our food, we tend to neglect an equally important aspect: how we eat it. This, I strongly believe, is one of the missing links between food, body and health.
The longer I live in Europe, the more I am aware that whereas Americans view food and cooking as a lifestyle choice, food and cooking in Europe is just a way of life.
I do not celebrate Thanksgiving. It just doesn't seem natural or right anymore to prepare a feast in the name of something that our new friends and loved ones here in France know nothing about, feel absolutely no connection to.
2010-10-12-bread.jpg What we think of as homely comfort food, goodies thrown together in just a few minutes so the kids will have something sweet for their lunchboxes, are exotic, special treats to the French.
The belief that we can have it all, with no reverence for the natural restraint of seasons and regions, has created a food culture that's destructive for our bodies, our society and our land.