American Freedom Defense Initiative

Pamela Geller's group cannot post disparaging ads on Washington buses.
Fortunately, many good people of Phoenix -- Muslim and non-Muslim alike -- intervened against the stereotyping and the bullying perpetrated by Ritzheimer and his malevolent and misguided followers.
"You are adhering to Islamic law," she said, adding later, "It's not analogous. It's a cartoon. Cartoon is political opinion
The Sikh Coalition, an advocacy group, had expressed concerns that the proposed ads could have resulted in the harassment
As part of the "Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest" organized by the group on Sunday, the organization offered $10,000
Sometimes it takes a superhero to conquer hate. Earlier this month, a batch of anti-Islam ads purchased by right-wing extremist
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also responded to the ad in a press release, saying it would offer free
Under California's Three Strikes law, petty thieves and shoplifters don't get a strike against them and aren't charged for life; but it wasn't always like this. Before, it was the opposite.
"Gay under Islamic law (Sharia),” reads the caption underneath. Due to a previous court ruling that required the agency to
It all started with series of ads run by conservative activist Pamela Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative (ADFI
Purchased by the pro-Israeli American Freedom Defense Initiative, the most recent set of ads show inflammatory, anti-gay
The MyJihad ads, which ran on San Francisco buses this January, depicted Muslim Americans talking about their own personal
WASHINGTON -- Ready for the next round of jihad-related Metro ads? One of the ads displays images of Osama bin Laden and
“This campaign is about representing our voices, our lives -- our reality,” the organization’s website reads. “The purpose
Freidlin, like many other New Yorkers, wasn't too keen on Geller's latest ad, which features a photo of the World Trade Center
New York City's resident Islamophobe is back with yet another anti-Islam subway ad. Pamela Geller's latest features a photo
"These ads are meant to create false divisions among our communities, generating suspicion and animosity," Judy Levey, executive
WMATA was ordered by a federal judge to put up the ads, which have also appeared in New York City and San Francisco. Honda
HP: Do you expect any negative response? Rabbi Jacobs: I want to spread the message that 1800 rabbis-- along with the majority