American Future Fund

This week, the Federal Election Commission did the unthinkable. The agency most frequently characterized by its constant, crippling deadlock levied a substantial fine against three large politically active nonprofit groups.
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Republican Presidential contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are at war over what they charge to be false political ads against each other. It's one battle in this bizarre and contentious campaign year which could actually benefit us all.
American Future Fund, linked to the Koch brothers in the past, doesn't disclose donors, so its motives are unclear.
The call's mention of Grassley (R-Iowa) is a reference to Braley's description of him as a "farmer with no law degree." Republicans
In Iowa, the American Future Fund continues to operate as a front for whomever has the funds. It received $750,000 from the
The campaigns have sparred over the bailout as Romney has sought to blunt Obama's consistent poll advantage in the crucial
"The role played by outside groups that don't disclose their donors is bigger than its ever been before and is historically
On the Democratic side, American Bridge made a smaller ad buy Monday of $111,000, with an additional $50,000 spent on targeted
"[I]t's like playing a chess game," Bera explained in a segment about super PACs on the radio show This American Life. "You