american girl doll

The popular doll brand just made an excellent move toward inclusiveness.
She has her big brown eyes set on Columbia, which she notes happily, is only a bus ride away. She doesn't want to be separated from her parents and 11-year-old sister Isabella.
I would have given anything to have intercepted that damn catalog before my over-zealous, eager-to-fit-in second grader got her greedy little hands on it.
How do you know when a hair trend has jumped the shark? When your boss is doing it? When your mom is doing it? Removable
(h/t Rookie Mag) Melissa's petition has received more than 300 signatures, but still needs more than 9,000 to reach its goal
Seriously, they are perfect -- so perfect, in fact, that we realized that Kate has always reminded us of one of our favorite
If you had a My New American Girl (aka the doll who looked like you), then you're now the girl who is the first to embrace
The beautiful outfits and fun (overpriced) accessories featured in the American Girl catalogs were part of what drew most of us to these dolls. But it's the stories and the bravery of the characters that stayed with us after we stopped wanting to dress up like them.