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People will organize, people will resist and people will also maybe troll a little.
The divine force Twitter account that is ClassicPics made our inner art nerd very happy today after posting this photo of
This strange and hilarious video comes to us courtesy of animators Doug Bayne, Ben Baker and Trudy Cooper. They took some
Behind most of the plot twists and supernatural phenomena of the original Gothic fictions, one tends to find real, human desires and motivations at work: jealousy, lust, ego-mania, vengeance, greed. Today's world is arguably more vulnerable than ever to the ill effects of these emotions.
Hygienic Dress League. Port Austin, Michigan 2013. (photo © Hygienic Dress League) Read all posts by Steven P. Harrington
Adobe partnered with Booooooom to create a contest that seems ready-made for the internet. The challenge: Recreate a classic
The statue, according to NBC Chicago, is the bottom half of a new 26-foot statue designed by J. Seward Johnson and the Sculpture
Over the past month my road trip has taken me across ten states and countless cities, yet I recently landed in one town for longer than any of the rest: Eldon, IA.
Some artists will forever be associated with certain holidays. Christmas? Charles Dickens. Bastille Day? Jacques-Louis David