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The former Fox News host's attempt to mock the "radical left" doesn't go as planned.
When the pledge of allegiance was first introduced, there was no reference to God, or to America.
It is not only the story of one community, but a story that affects all Americans.
What caused U.S. Sen. John C. Calhoun of South Carolina in 1837 to produce the racist idea of slavery as a "positive good
Christian churches, communities, and perspectives have been an important part of America from the first post-contact moments
These are revolutionary times, and they demand a new Declaration of Independence, in this case, independence from the tyranny
Her name is Florence Rebecca Wade Bush. She is 90 years young. A Baptist Reverend’s widow, mother of three sons, each his
In this web exclusive, Bill Moyers and four historians dissect the big lie Trump rode to power.
Moreover, although there is no question that during the campaign Trump appealed to nationalist sentiments and exploited the
But the tilt begins. Cora's assigned a new job as a "type" in a natural history museum. Now, she is on perpetual display