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The pow-wow rekindled my respect and affection for Indians. I wish that I had some Apache blood in my veins. I would be proud.
The United States perception of Christopher Columbus is filled with erroneous information. He was a killer. But yet we stand by this geneocidal tactic of celebrating one who didn't just marginalize a people, but mutilated them. Though he may be long dead, his legacy is not.
American families without clean water live lives totally different from our own. They often wake up and collect water from a source outside their home, fetching it in buckets and boiling it on the stove.
Native communities can apply for the pool of funds, known as the Tribal Climate Resilience Program, to help cover climate
Willie believes that this international gathering should take place at, or near, the Pine Ridge reservation, and he is traveling
Jeffrey Gibson (Cherokee/Choctaw), American Girl, 2013, Found punching bag, wool blanket, glass beads, steel studs, artificial
The doctor found bruises covering the boy's penis and scrotum. Those injuries would soon lead to an arrest warrant for the mother -- not because she had caused the harm, but because she did not return her son, along with his wheelchair-bound twin, to their abusers.
News flash: football is bullying; let's not romanticize the game and pretend that sportsmanship is a vital part of the game. In fact, that is the game -- to be the better bully than the other guy.
What is your reaction? "The purpose of this project is to raise questions about Native people, often viewed as a relic, and
There has been a lot of discussion over Johnny Depp's role of Tonto in the upcoming Disney take on "The Lone Ranger." While the role may be a stereotype, two Indian nations have offered their support. So is Johnny Depp's portrayal racist? Guest Chris Eyre joins Alyona to discuss.
Too many seem to believe that anyone who is serious enough about suicide to use a gun would find an equally effective means if a gun were not available. When it comes to guns and suicide, especially in young people, there are things we can do.
By performing the play of the pilgrim, does the Indian-American elementary school student inadvertently become the oppressor? Or confirms the oppression? Or conforms to the oppressor?
It may sound a bit quixotic, but has the oil industry -- with profits on a clear upswing -- made a collaborative effort to reach out to the energy boom region's unemployed tribal members?
Prejudice killed Trayvon Martin. But there are other, less obvious forms of prejudice, ones that even those of us who would
In case you haven't heard, in Philadelphia the "politically correct" crowd is on the warpath over a New Year's Day Mummers skit by Northwest Philadelphia's Venetian New Year's Association.
While I am indeed thankful for some things this Thanksgiving Day, such as my family, my job, and so on, there are things I'm NOT thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.
When people think of Native American buildings, they might think teepees or other temporary structures, but in Wisconsin native structures were always more sophisticated and designed to last.
At the mention of the date Dec. 21, 2012, many people picture catastrophe -- floods, earthquakes and war. However, the man often referred to as the Mayan Pope suggests a better image to illustrate the end of the Mesoamerican calendar: a serpent swallowing its tail.