American Indian Movement

What really is the difference between the Covington students and Chiefs fans?
The student from Covington Catholic High in Kentucky denied harassing Native American war veteran Nathan Phillips.
Congresswoman Deb Haaland called the students' behavior a show of "blatant hate."
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Willie believes that this international gathering should take place at, or near, the Pine Ridge reservation, and he is traveling
Native American groups continue their losing streak in the courtroom as well as in the court of public opinion, likely due to the fact that such behavior has been part of the American sports fabric for so many years that we have fallen ignorant to its harmful effects.
"The Beat Generation," as Kerouac defined them so early on, has maintained a fascinating hold on popular culture, even though during their heyday they were mocked by the mainstream.
238 people lost their lives that night, many of them Native Americans by reason of geography: most of them lived in what is now called the flood plain along the banks of Rapid Creek.
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Most Americans are completely oblivious to the abstract and harsh poverty right here at home. This is proven by American ignorance of the horrors occurring at Indian Reservations across the Dakotas.
A sensitive, truthful, insightful film about a lawyer who stood at the center of a confrontational movement as it spearheaded a political assault on injustice in America from Vietnam to the Chicago 7.
Meditate, pray, march, dance, sing, shout, laugh, whatever you can to help move this man out of his jail cell and into the open air after 33 hellish years.
February 27 did absolutely nothing to improve the conditions of the Oglala Lakota people. In fact, it probably set us back by 20 years. Is that a reason to call this day a holiday?
We had a cup of coffee a day or two before the Super Bowl and he told me that there would be a protest by several hundred Indians at the stadium.
It has bothered me for many years that the mainstream media labeled too many people of Pine Ridge as Goons. Those so-called Goons lived and died on the reservation they loved.
I hope that the trial of John "Boy" Graham will bring further closure to the family of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, and that a dark chapter in the history of the Oglala Lakota Nation will come to an end.