American Indian Movement

The former Judiciary Committee chairman and longest-serving U.S. senator says it's time for the Native American activist to go home after 44 years.
What really is the difference between the Covington students and Chiefs fans?
The student from Covington Catholic High in Kentucky denied harassing Native American war veteran Nathan Phillips.
Congresswoman Deb Haaland called the students' behavior a show of "blatant hate."
This post first appeared at By Gail Ablow In this “Making Change” video, we profile 35-year-old Nick Tilsen
He offers another, compelling and urgent, argument in favor of the Lakota Sioux inviting Occupy to assemble on the reservation
Native American groups continue their losing streak in the courtroom as well as in the court of public opinion, likely due to the fact that such behavior has been part of the American sports fabric for so many years that we have fallen ignorant to its harmful effects.
"The Beat Generation," as Kerouac defined them so early on, has maintained a fascinating hold on popular culture, even though during their heyday they were mocked by the mainstream.
238 people lost their lives that night, many of them Native Americans by reason of geography: most of them lived in what is now called the flood plain along the banks of Rapid Creek.