American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Israel's ambassador to the U.N. called Sanders a "liar" and a "fool," and said Sanders is unwelcome in Israel after he accused the prime minister of racism.
The pro-Israel lobby fought with Obama and welcomed bigots. Now progressives are challenging its bipartisan credentials with unprecedented success.
AIPAC suggested that certain House Democrats are pushing anti-Semitic policies and pose a "more sinister" threat to Israel than ISIS.
At the pro-Israel conference, Democratic leaders are helping the Republicans' claim that the left has turned against Israel and toward anti-Semitism.
Benjamin Netanyahu took a swipe at Omar, who has accused the pro-Israel conference of paying politicians to support Israel.
Activists successfully pushed the candidates over the gathering's hard-right tilt, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other top Democrats are still going.
AIPAC allies are launching a group aimed at collecting small-dollar donations for pro-Israel politicians.
The Harris campaign gave HuffPost a transcript of remarks from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference shortly after the senator was asked about them Sunday.
The move is a payback for the evangelicals who helped elect him.