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The High Holy Days are a good time to renew your commitment to social justice.
News media in India and across the globe are paying attention, with coverage of early and child marriage expanding rapidly in recent years. Unfortunately, some of these stories present child marriage in ways that create misunderstanding at best.
Several months ago, I felt the power of the thousands-year-old Passover story as palpably as I ever have, when I travelled to Cambodia. My sense of what it means for a people to go from slavery to freedom deepened when I spent time listening to the modern-day narratives of Cambodians who live in the shadow of a genocide that claimed 2 million lives.
Our work for the past three decades has always prioritized education because it is critical to young people, their families and the future of their communities. In addition, it is a core Jewish value.
“We cannot lose faith in our capacity to make a difference."
For those who dedicate their lives to pursuing justice, every moment is urgent. As the great Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel famously taught, there is simply "no time for neutrality."
Benzaquen is the Paris director of the American Jewish Committee. She was in Paris for the attack on the satirical magazine
Schwarz and 20 congregants returned from a 10-day trip to Haiti in December — the congregation’s third trip in four years
I have been deeply moved by two men I know, both of whom believe in women, hate the violence perpetrated against them and are doing something about it. One is a respected Silicon Valley investor, and the other is a village chief in Senegal.
The goal of every nonprofit leader should not be to grow their organization, but rather to go out of business. The leaders of these organizations should be working not just to ameliorate the effects of the social problem they are addressing, but also toward solving that problem once and for all.
LGBT people have faced extreme discrimination in Sri Lanka. For more than a century, the country has outlawed same-sex relationships under its colonial-era "gross indecency" laws.
I was in India with sixteen other rabbis on a rabbinic delegation, sponsored by the American Jewish World Service. Among the many images I brought home with me from India were these two little girls, who took up residence in my heart.
On Mother's Day -- and every day -- I am reminded of how important it is to listen to mothers in the developing world, share their stories and be a partner in their struggle for human rights
Only when women everywhere can stand tall and strong together in peace and security can we confidently say: Once we were slaves, and now we are free.
If Congress does not act quickly after the election to pass a new Farm Bill, the money that exists for emergency food aid will run out in 2013. This could put up to 30 million hungry people at risk in the event of a crisis.